#08    O2ND

Location: New York, NY
Status: Completed 2014
Size: 6,300 SF /  585 SM
Collaborators: Nanse Kawashima, Gregory Kinney

We were tasked to reconfigure a showroom to accommodate their secondary 1 by O’2nd line as well provide proper sales meeting areas and office for a new, fresh look that’s based off of their tone of refined yet lighthearted fashion. Collaborating with Nanse Kawashima and Gregory Kinney—we re-used their existing hangers and racks and decided to rubber dip the parts and wrap the bars in a light suede. We made custom tables to host their numerous and simultaneous sales meetings during Market season. We built a ‘screened’ area using wooden frames and layered fabrics to make a light division in the large space between the two lines.

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