#10    What You See …
An imagination of scenes within scenes

Location: New York, NY
Status: 2013
Program: Boffo Building Fashion Competition for Lake & Stars
Size: N/A

The Lake & Stars lingerie collection inspired us towards devising a retail environment that visually and spatially 
enhances the customers’ connection to the line through creation of scenarios and narratives. Drawing from the designers' thematic 
inspiration for their campaigns and their desire for intimates to be seen, our intention is to transform the site so 
The Lake & Stars can inhabit the space scenically and contextually, framing the customers visual perception. They 
can see the line, not on hangers but within situations - and immerse themselves within landscapes of the line. Looking into viewing mechanisms, Caspar David Friedrich, tunnel books, The Lake & Stars collections and 
campaigns, the design is based on a clear, connected triad of frames placed into the site, thus activating the space.

The triangle is derived from wanting to create at two stages for The Lake & Stars to present their line, and one 
stage for the customer to engage with the line. A triad of frames and differences in frame dimension also presents 
overlapping situations and depth. It is also drawing from the line itself - where the series of frames, like the 
design of the lingerie - can hide and reveal, constrain and compel.

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