#15    Gateways to Chinatown

Location: Chinatown / Canal Street Triangle, NYC
Status: 2017
Program: Design & Construct a Landmark for Chinatown by Van Alen Inst. / DOT NYC
Size: N/A
Team: Tellart, Brooklyn Grange, Aarup Group, MG&CO 

Gateways to Chinatown is an initiative seeking innovative proposals to plan, design and construct a symbolic and functional landmark at the nexus of Manhattan’s Chinatown and the southern entrance to Little Italy’s historic Mulberry and Mott Streets. The new ‘gateways’ to Chinatown builds both a physical and technological information gateway exchange for locals and visitors to further engage in the sharing and engaging of the community and culture of New York’s Chinatown district.

The Canal Street Triangle - the first of seven gateways - is situated at an important crossroads, where multiple interactions occur between locals to locals, visitors to visitors and locals to visitors.

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