#11    THE SPARK 

Study on Adaptable, Collective Space

Location: Hudson, NY
Status: 2019
Program: Co-Live/Work Centre
Size: 1,000 SQF /  93 SQM

The project is about an agile approach to creating a versatile building for a versatile community. A former accounting office is set to be converted into a space for the creative and tech community of Hudson. Spatial flexibility and maleable programming are achieved by an uncomplicated strategy of three components - the Spine, the Triangle, and the Floating Fence. Infrastructure and core requirements are pushed to the solid back of the exisiting buildng - forming the Spine. Space is thus freed around the existing windowed front and sides of the building. 
The Triangle creates a natural three part division for initial and future programming. The shape provides an enclosed area for more private programming, while dividing the exisiting volume for multiple uses.
The Floating Fence will extend the interior space to the exterior. A simple structure encompassing but not fully encolosing the entire lot will offer a platfomr for exchange. The structure provides a lightweight definition for future events and programing for the community.