Location: New York, NY
Status: Completed 2013
Program: Re-envisioning a solid surface material
Size: N/A

Is it a solid? LIQUID SLAB is an experiment in re-envisioning a solid surface material. Dekton, an ultracompact slab product of robust quality produced by Cosentino, can be used for exteriors, interiors and it’s also a thru-body material. There are multitudes of conventional usages and applications – but the goal is to test the possibilities of lightness, flexibility and spatiality of Dekton. Why? To re-think the typical application of slab material in architecture and design. To de-materialize the material so to expand its potential. To experiment.

A FIELD OF DISKS. So how best to approach this experiment? We decided to take on a simple form and technique – simplicity is a key to flexibility and sophistication of visual and spatial manifestations. Taking inspiration from chain mail, armours and Paco Rabanne – the infamous designer of the fabric-less frock – we proceeded to envision the material as a disk. A system of disks. This basic shape can be woven together with metal links to allow for flexibility - a network of Dekton disks, creating a surface. It can move from horizontal to vertical, it can be draped, it can be made taut, it can be shaped, it can enclose and above all, it transforms into a non-solid. It’s a liquid slab of disks.

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