#08    LOFT
A need for a minor reconsideration of spaces

Location: New York, NY
Status: Completed Fall 2010
Program: Loft renovation adding a mezzanine library
Size: 1,760 SF / 162 SM
Photo: Alan Tansey

A loft located in downtown Manhattan - a large double-height space with mezzanine level - required a reconsideration of the parts to form a better whole. Having been renovated in the past and throughout the years, the space was in need of a minor re-haul to bring back its spatial quality and improve on areas such as the bathrooms and guest room in addition to extending the mezzanine to create a library with a gallery
offering a new view onto the space. The gallery, along with the redesign of the guest area, guest bath and master bath, closets and industrial spiral stair – collectively ties the space into one.

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