#31   HOUSE
Adding vertically to a 25’ wide wood frame

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Status: Completed, Fall 2023
Program: Renovating and adding one floor to an existing single-family
Size: 3,670SF / 341SM
Team: Kit von Dalwig (partner), Philipp von Dalwig (partner), Erik Brotherton (project manager), Alicia Palacios Moreno (project manager), Romain d’Incau (designer), Anita Hu (intern)
Contractor: Hatchet

Originally built in 1901 and renovated in 2015, this unique 25-foot wide two-family home became a home to new family of four. The layout, rooms and overall aesthetic was not exactly sufficient nor suitable, considering the recent shift to work-from-home. Defining space and expanding vertically was key to reconsidering the potential of the house, designing towards the many parameters of the program, existing conditions and code requirements. This resulted in a multi-use third floor that is multi-pitched to gain the best solar exposure and to create a unique indoor-outdoor experience on the top floor.

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