Location: Brooklyn, NY
Status: Completed Spring 2008
Size: 500 SF / 46 SM
Photo: Alan Tansey

This project required a new design for a small, pre-war one-bedroom apartment in downtown New York. The previous layout had an odd arrangement of rooms – a bathroom with no washbasin, a pass-through dining room, an oversized kitchen and a street-facing bedroom. The new floor plan redistributed rooms to provide a more modern use of space, allowing enough flexibility for a young professional couple to live as well as work at home. This led us to the design of a what we refer to a Living Wall. The wall houses living and work utilities for our clients: the kitchen, storage and bookshelves. Concentrating these elements into the unit allowed for better more efficient use of space. The living area expanded to fully expose the front façade windows to the living space. The bedroom could be recessed behind the wall unit towards the quiet and more private rear. The bathroom expanded to a proper size including washbasin and the kitchen combined with the hallway becomes social and active.

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