More living in less house

Location: Anywhere
Status: Completed 2009
Program: 80 units
Size: 2,330 SQF /  217 SQM

Providing multiple advantages of modern living, the M01 House reconsiders the typical four-sided house with a 30-degree configuration of the main rooms, presenting an oblique floor plan with opportunities of varied exposures and varied spaces. Functionally, the plan creates zones within a fairly compact floor plate of 1,319 square feet, offering a family of four more living in less house.

Environmentally, M01 encourages energy-efficient modern living. It utilizes a SIP (Structurally Insulated Panel) system for low construction impact and excellent insulation qualities; green roof tiles; radiant floor heating; possibilities for water catchment and suggests sustainable; and FSC-certified interior finishes, such as a bamboo wood floor and paper-based countertops.

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