A vertical condo combination

Location: Brooklyn Heights / Brooklyn, NY
Status: Completed Fall 2014
Program: Vertical combination of a two units
Size: 3,050 SQF / 283 SQM

A family owned two apartments -  a two-bedroom two bath above and a studio below - in a converted 1928 warehouse condo and looked to combine the two into a large three-bedroom, three-bath with media room, office and family room. The apartment, with beautiful, unobstructed views towards lower Manhattan and direct access to Brooklyn Bridge Park had the advantage of the view but existing windows that stood higher than your line of sight. The layout also suffered from conventional developers lack of spatial vision and effectiveness. A last challenge was to structurally locate a stair that is also compact in footprint but with enough rise for the 14’ high ceilings as the lower unit overlapped just half the upper unit.

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