A co-op for two

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Status: Completed Summer 2017
Program: Reconfiguration of a top floor former classic six to a full three bedroom, two full baths for a retired couple
Size: 1,350 SF / 125 SM

A Brooklyn corner classic six coop on the top floor of a pre-war building is surprisingly open and lofty with an immense amount of light and a perfect configuration with the entry and living at the center and two ‘wings’ left and right. The original two main bedrooms and bath were to the left and a small kitchen and tiny room with extremely tight bath were sequestered to the right. It was not in the greatest shape with the right wing comprised of more hallway space than needed. As for program, the new owners wanted to convert the coop to a proper three-bedroom with two full baths to accommodate their many visiting grandchildren and out of town guests and with enough space to hosts their large family dinner gatherings while also being able to do work at home. We decided on shifting the kitchen out from its current separated space to a more open configuration towards the living space, removing unneeded hall space and giving the right wing the additional square footage required to expand on the bathroom and third guest room / office. We cleaned up the left wing with large pocket doors to the second bedroom to serve more as a family room and a bedroom as needed.

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