#19    HOUSE
An extended townhouse

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Status: Completed Fall 2017
Program: Expansion of a townhouse house for family of four
Size: 2,790 SF / 260 SM
Team: Kit von Dalwig (partner), Philipp von Dalwig (partner), Sarah Karpinski (project manager), Susana de Zarraga (designer)
Contractor: J. Costa Construction
Photo: Will Anderson / Alan Tansey

This expansion of a three-story townhouse located in Park Slope responds to the row house typology and its typical direction of front to back. Intent on creating volumetric relationships, we decided to design an extension that links the main floor by both horizontally and vertically interlocking  the space between the living areas, while simultaneously balancing the proportions of the extension to allow enough light to penetrate towards the center. Opening up the main living level, a core with open library anchors the center with living room and dining room to either side. The dining room then lengthens into the new extension where a floor opening in the gallery becomes a connector to the family room below while also adjacent to the double height volume of the studio / workroom below.

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