Turning two into three

Location: New York, NY
Status: In construction / expected completion Spring 2017
Program: Reconfiguration of a two-bedroom, one-bath
to a three-bedroom, two-bath
Size: 1,260 SF / 117 SM

A family of four requested ideas on how to sensibly reconfigure their two-bedroom, one-bath apartment located in downtown NY. Their challenge to us was not atypical to many urban families – how to expand on their current living space to add longevity to their growing living requirements. Their children will soon not love sharing a bunk bed in a small room, need more private space to study, they would love a second bathroom and possible guest room – quite a feat considering the 1,260 square feet we had to work with. We looked at the potential to add ‘capsules’ of space – that include program discreetly without having to adhere to the normal ideas of how dimensionally that space should perform. One capsule - the children’s suite - combined sleep and working nooks together. Another tucked an office/guest room behind a kitchen that shifted out towards the living room.

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