#25    LOFT
Stripping down an 80s loft conversion 

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Status: Completed, Spring 2023
Program:  Renovating a loft in the former Ex Lax factory
Size: 1,300SF / 121SM
Team: Kit von Dalwig, Philipp von Dalwig, Luis de Gregorio, Susana de Zarraga
Contractor: Sculptecture, Inc.
Photos: Alan Tansey

The Ex Lax Building, a former bottling company for the company built circa 1920, was converted in 1981 into 57 residential units. This unit, was still left in its original 80s conversion - with unusual divisions for bedrooms and a small mezzanine area, tight bathrooms, a dark interior kitchen, a lot of sheetrock, a popcorn ceiling not taking advantage of the tall windows and the potential loftiness of the space. It felt more like a sheetrock box within a box. Therefore there were two main tasks in this project: reconfiguring the layout to provide two proper bedrooms for a family of three; expressing materiality and revisiting the idea of a Brooklyn loft. 

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